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Fashion Consulting & Design Services

I believe artists are strategically planted in the world so that beauty can exist among the thorns.
— Cyd C. Jones

Style & Quality

I read, live and breath fashion, all day every day. I collaborate with other designers to create the best merchandise for my clients.  When a client is looking for a specific look and it can’t be found on-line or in-store I don’t give up, I simply design it and have it custom made. I make sure the quality is always high-end, not only can you see it but you can feel it.


I oversee the process of every piece of merchandise I design from thought, drawing, fabric to completion. I have a pool of skilled workers to choose from each unique in their own specialized gift. I can speak their language. I know techniques and tricks to altering clothing. I work with people who are excellent and knowledgeable. Ultimately nothing gets my label without my approval.  Designers create and stylists complete ideas, I am both.


Calling all First Ladies

The world of fashion and style is overwhelming. It’s more than just about choosing a dress that fits, accompanied by an out-of-this-world shoe. The size of the handbag and the length of the earrings are not always an obvious and easy decision.  For me personally, there are too many choices to consider and simply stated, I always require HELP!  

Fortunately, I was blessed to be introduced to an amazing Stylist, Cyd Jones. This beautiful, gifted, and uniquely bold woman was the answer to my desired look for an elegant evening with my husband. I wanted to go beyond the usual black cocktail dress. I needed a visionary and that is exactly what I got. My experience with Cyd was flawless.  Her expertise was all inclusive, from design to development.  Her hands-on approach showed her level of commitment throughout the entire process. 

Should anyone need a stylist that gives attention to every important detail and is not satisfied until your outfit totally envelops you uniquely and distinctly, Cyd Jones is that person. 
— First Lady Gayle Taylor, Community Baptist Church, Englewood, New Jersey

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